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During my years of experience, I have learned to use the full potential of the Laravel framework and build robust applications


As a Laravel developer, I am skilled in using Eloquent, the ORM included with Laravel. This allows me to easily retrieve and store data in the database using clean and expressive PHP code. I have experience using Eloquent to perform various database operations such as querying, creating, and updating records. In my previous projects, I have utilized Eloquent to efficiently manage and manipulate data within the application. I am confident in my ability to effectively use Eloquent in any Laravel project.

Services containers

As a Laravel developer, I have mastered the use of container services in the framework. Container services are a way to manage dependencies and inject them into your application. They make it easier to test your application because you can swap out different implementations of a service without affecting the rest of the code. This makes it easier to isolate and test specific parts of your application. I have extensive experience using container services in Laravel to create clean, maintainable code that is easy to test and debug.

Factories / Seeders

As a Laravel developer, I am proficient in using seeders and factories to populate the database with fake data for testing purposes. Seeders allow you to insert large amounts of data into your database in a single command, making it easy to test your application with a variety of data sets. Factories, on the other hand, allow you to create fake model instances with specific attributes. This is useful for testing the behavior of your application when interacting with different types of models. Together, seeders and factories make it easy to test the functionality of your application with a variety of data scenarios.

Unit / Feature testing

As a Laravel developer, I am skilled in writing both feature tests and unit tests to ensure the quality and reliability of my applications. Feature tests are used to test the overall functionality of an application from the perspective of an end user. They simulate a user interacting with the application and test that the expected behavior occurs. Unit tests, on the other hand, are used to test the individual units of code in an application. They ensure that each unit is working correctly in isolation, and can be used to catch bugs early in the development process. By writing both feature tests and unit tests, I can ensure that my applications are thoroughly tested and have a high level of confidence in their stability.

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